My name is Aga Spólnik and I am a certified Yoga Alliance teacher – RYT 200h and RYT 300h. My teacher is Ganga Devi, the founder of the Himalayan Yoga Institute, a spiritual guide, yogi, therapist, artist with over 30 years of experience.

I specialize in Raja Dhiraja Yoga, also known as the yoga of kings (Raja Yoga – yoga of kings, “royal” yoga).

This type of practice is derived from Ashtanga Yoga, in which asanas, mudras and bandhas play an extremely important role, it is distinguished by practicing deep relaxation, using breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation.

Raja Dhiraja Yoga not only develops strength and flexibility, but also allows you to feel good and feel comfortable in your own body.

It is not only physical exercise, but the whole process of integrating the body with the mind and soul.

Practicing Raja Dhiraja Yoga will restore your physical and emotional balance.

My teaching focuses on breathing, introduction to meditation and asanas.

certyfikat Himalayan Yoga Institute teacher of yoga
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